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Owandy Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software

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Please call for best price for Fully automatic cephalometric tracing 

Stop losing time... Use Artificial Intelligence to automate your work with Ceph Analysis !!!! 
The automatic tracing feature is powered by a high-tech industry proven Artificial Intelligence engine (A.I.). A.I. automatically finds soft and hard tissue landmarks, planes and silhouettes on lateral or PA radiographs within seconds.

Analyses and patient’s images can be superimposed automatically or manually. You can manage how analyses are displayed, automate report generation, visualize growth and treatment effects.

Skull growth projection will grow the skull tracing from the current skeletal age to the chosen skeletal age. Projections up to maturity are possible.

VTO and STO will help you to create treatment plans. By simulating orthodontic and/or surgical treatment, a detailed treatment drawing can be created. Considering different degrees of tissue softness and rigidity, excellent prediction results are obtained.