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  1. Dental X-ray Equipment & Accessories
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Dental X-ray Equipment & Accessories

Cassette & Film Supplies

PC-1000 Cassette Sleeve

PC-1000 Cassette Sleeve00-20002NN
  • PC-1000 Cassette Sleeve

Beam Filter Kit

Beam Filter Kit815-4114
  • Reduces X-ray intensity to convert from X-Omat Regular 200 Speed to Lanex Regular Intensifying Screens and Film 400 Speed

Radio Opaque Marking Tape

Radio Opaque Marking Tape 
  • Using a ballpoint pen or typewriter, write the patient's information onto the tape
  • Peel the backing off of the tape and place the tape on the personalized I.D. Blocker (previously affixed to the film cassette with adhesive backing)
  • Expose the film, and the patient's information is permanently radiographed on the film
  • Order "reverse style" if ID Blocker is being used with panoramic film
  • Order "regular style" if ID Blocker is being used with cephalometric film
3/8" Wide Roll of Radio Opaque Tape (50') _________________________ 38-50
3/8" Wide Roll of Radio Opaque Tape (100') ________________________ 38-100
3/8" Wide, Pre-Cut 3" Strips of Radio Opaque Tape (Quantity: 300) _ 38-03/300
When ordering an I.D. Blocker, specify up to 2 lines of 24 characters each for personalized information, such as:
(your patient's info typed/written here)

(your patient's info typed/written here)
(260) 489-2291

Darkroom Cleaners

Clear Image Processor Cleaner

Clear Image Processor Cleaner 
  • Safe for all processors (with rollers, without rollers, web type)
  • 100% biodegradable, nontoxic solution for cleaning radiographic film processors
  • Reduces processor downtime: spray, wait a few minutes and wipe clean
  • Eliminates the necessity for multiple cleaning products
  • Cleans counter tops, vinyl floors, view boxes and processor exteriors
  • 32 applications per gallon
Clear Image Processor Cleaner (1 Gallon) ______________ CI-128-4
Clear Image Processor Cleaner (1 Quart)  ______________ CI-32-12

Clean Image Roller Sheets

Clean Image Roller SheetsC10810
  • Clean the transport rollers in your automatic film processor without hazardous chemicals and without removing your rollers
  • Reduces processor down time needed to clean rollers
  • Removes artifacts (specs) that accumulate over night
  • Eliminates film waste and retakes due to build up
  • Bright white sheet visibly shows the removal of artifacts

Darkroom Accessories

Star Dip Tank

Star Dip Tank52
  • Stainless steel
  • Countertop recessed
  • Installation and plumbing required
  • Two removable inserts hold one gallon of solution each
  • Bottom inside of inserts are rounded for easier cleaning
  • For use with 6" x 12" and 8" x 10" films
  • Insert Dimensions: 14" H x 91/2" W x 2" D
  • Tank Dimensions: 145/16" H x 101/2" W x 107/8" D
  • Countertop Cutout: 105/8" x 11"

Ambient Light Film Duplicator

Ambient Light Film Duplicator830-500
  • Uses available ambient light as an exposure source
  • Load film in a darkroom, expose under a standard incandescent light, process as normal
  • No need to part with original films
  • Compact unit stores easily in a drawer

Star Illuminated Film Duplicator

Star Illuminated Film DuplicatorXRD-1012
  • Special reflecting system with dual diffusion for even illumination
  • Uses a fluorescent BLB black light which lights immediately to avoid loss of exposure time
  • Built in safelight for positioning films
  • Accepts films up to 10" x 12"

Star X-ray Darkroom Safelight

Star X-ray Darkroom SafelightSL-106
  • Screws into standard light socket
  • Includes GBX-2 equivalent filter and 15 W bulb

Dial Thermometer

Dial Thermometer18903
  • With float, no clip

Star Film Hangers

Star Film Hangers 
  • Star 6" x 12" Film Hanger (For 1 Gallon Tanks) _____________ 15x30
  • Star 8" x 10" Film Hanger (For 1 Gallon Tanks) ______________ 8x10

Marking Pencils

Marking Pencils 
  • Write directly on film
  • Available in black or red
  • Black Marking Pencil ______________________________ 21612-B
  • Red Marking Pencil _______________________________ 21612-R

X-ray Accessories

Pano Shield Lead Apron

Pano Shield Lead Apron#29
  • .3mm lead equivalency
  • 31/2 pounds weight
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 221/4"
    • Width: 231/4"
    • Opening: 61/2"
  • The apron is stocked in light blue, gray, and beige.

Adult Size Lead Poncho

Adult Size Lead Poncho300PP
  • .3mm lead equivalency
  • 8+1/2 pounds weight
  • Dimensions:
    • Length (front): 301/2"
    • Length (back): 181/2"
    • Width: 231/2"
    • Opening: 6"
  • The poncho is stocked in light blue, gray, and beige.

Bite Guides

Bite Guides50-0247X
  • Disposable
  • Easy to use

Remote Switch Kit

Remote Switch KitRSK1000
  • Allows switch to be located on wall outside of X-ray room
  • Includes two stainless steel cover plates, push-button switch, and mounting hardware
  • Does not include wiring (wiring must be in place)

Mailing & Filing Envelopes

Mailing & Filing Envelopes 
  • Envelopes printed with "DO NOT BEND X-RAY"
  • Space for patient's information
  • 61/4" x 121/4" Panoramic Envelope (Quantity: 100) _________________ 210
  • 9" x 12" Cephalometric Envelope (Quantity: 100) __________________ 215

Disposable Ear Rod Barriers

Disposable Ear Rod Barriers088-058
  • For ear rods on PC-1000/Laser 1000 cephalostat or Wehmer wall mount cephalostat
  • Disposable, single use

X-ray Instructional Literature

User Manuals

User Manuals 
  • PC-1000 User Manual-Sit Down Model (Serial #s 1000-1616) _________ M1000
  • PC-1000 User Manual-Stand Up Model (Serial #s 2000-5245) _________ PM2000
  • PC-1000/Laser 1000 User Manual-Stand Up Model (Serial #s 2000-5245) __ PMC2000
  • PC-1000 and PC-1000/Laser 1000 User Manual (Serial #s 6000 And Higher) _ PMC6000

User Videos

User Videos 
  • PC-1000 User Video-Sit Down Model (Serial #s 1000-1616) ___________ TV1000
  • PC-1000 User Video-Stand Up Model (Serial #s 2000-5245)___________ TV2000
  • PC-1000/Laser 1000 User Video-Stand Up Model (Serial #s 2000-5245) ___ TV2000C
  • PC-1000 and PC-1000/Laser 1000 User Video (Serial #s 6000 And Higher) __ TV6000

Dental Office Products

Gleco Solid Waste Trap™

Gleco Solid Waste Trap™GL-2
The Gleco trap is designed for sinks subjected to high volume of solids. When the solids reach the fill line, a quick 2-minute maintenance is required.
  • Adapts easily to existing plumbing
  • No tools required
  • Condition of trap is visible
  • No contact with solid materials
  • Keeps drain free of clogs
  • No chance of water spillage

Handpiece Products - Lubricants

Lube Pen Oiler and Drop Applicator

Lube Pen Oiler and Drop Applicator 
  • High Temperature lubricant designed to withstand autoclaving/sterilization
  • Safe, non-toxic formula
  • Micro dispensing needle tip, non-aerosol spray for chairside use
Lube Pen Oiler and Drop Applicator (0.25 ounce) _____________________ GGC-915002
Lube Pen Oiler and Drop Applicator: 6-Pack, Get 1 Free (0.25 ounce) _ GGC-915008

PNEU-CARE: Aerosol Lubricant/Cleaner

PNEU-CARE: Aerosol Lubricant/CleanerGGC-915001
  • Use as a cleaner and lubricant before and after sterilization
  • Ensures long bearing life by reducing friction
  • 8.8 ounce can

For more information on complete line of products and services, call 1-800-227-8551.

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